West Broad Street YMCA ~ Karate ~ Great Cause

The West Broad Street YMCA now has a karate class. For the kids, this is great fun, exercise and lessons in discipline and self control. We are seeking donations of equipment. Especially floor mats Recently we received a heavy bag and stand. Anyone having any floor mats, Karate uniforms, boxing gloves or any gymnastic, dance, karate or boxing related items we would love to have them. Please email me at spivalaw@aol.com. Thank you! Howard Spiva

Our Creed

Opens Class

I am dedicated to my school,
I will practice in the Spirit of Good Sportsmanship,
with courtesy for fellow students,
Loyalty for my instructors,
And respect for all ranks,

As Class Ends

I am committed to live with a positive attitude,
Having respect for others,
Integrity within myself,
And self control in my actions,
all to bring honor my school.