Law Firm Using Google Nexus Tablet to Improve Customer Service and Maximize Client Compensation

Savannah Law Firm Using Google Nexus Tablet to Improve Customer Service and Maximize Client Compensation

Spiva Lewis LLC is employing innovative Google technology that is revolutionizing the way personal injury cases are handled.

Savannah-based Spiva Lewis Law Group is leading the way to the future of personal injury law by rolling out a new program that puts a Google Nexus tablet in the hands of their clients.

“We have started providing Google Nexus Tablets to hospitalized clients that contain software that will change the way attorneys practice law,” explained firm-founder Attorney Howard Spiva.

Instead of maintaining the image of the personal lawyer clinging to armfuls of paper, Spiva is breaking away from the stereotype. His firm is equipped with a fleet of the latest technology that quickly, seamlessly and securely tells client stories in a way never-before-possible.

The Nexus, which is loaned out to Spiva’s seriously injured and hospitalized clients, is equipped with various evidence-gathering and communication features that will keep client and lawyer in constant contact throughout the process of the case.

From Day One specialized applications begin capturing interviews with medical providers, friends, family and others to document the victim’s post-injury life and build their strongest case possible.

The tablet also contains apps that will give a holistic approach to healing, with hopes of reducing stress and assisting the healing process by includes reading materials, soothing soundtracks and even entertaining games to pass time.

“Often, when people are injured and have legal representation, the only communication tool they have is a phone to call their attorney and ask questions,” added Spiva. “By providing Google tablets that are pre-loaded with helpful, customized apps, we can enhance our service and maximize the results for our clients".

In using innovative Google technology, the firm believes they are raising the bar for all attorneys. It gives clients unprecedented access to the handling of their client case and gives the lawyer an all-access pass to previously untapped goldmines of evidence.

“This is how attorneys should operate in the 21st century,” said Spiva.

At the touch of a button, the firm and their client can quickly and securely share information via existing Google programs like Gmail, Google Docs, chat features and Google calendaring. Additionally, the firm’s customized applications are programed to document the client’s medical recovery and illustrate daily challengers and struggles.

“No one can tell your story better than you,” explained Spiva, “The more evidence we have that proves your harms and losses and how the injury has changed your life, the better we can paint a picture for the insurance company, the defense lawyer and ultimately to a jury.”

By utilizing the evidence gathered via the Google Nexus, the attorney can build stronger cases that can lead to quicker resolutions and greater compensation.

“The Google Nexus tablet enables us to put the ‘personal’in personal injury and propels our client-first approach into the 21st century,” concluded Spiva.

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