Innovative Technology To Improve Client Services ~ in Myrtle Beach South Carolina.

Mr. Howard Spiva, of the Spiva Lewis Law Group, was invited to speak at the 3-day MasterMind Summit for lawyers held on February 22-24 in Myrtle Beach South Carolina.

Mr. Spiva's presentation, entitled "Innovative Technology To Improve Client Services and Case Resolution", covered the utilization of smartphone apps, Google Nexus Tablets, iPads, and other high-tech, "high-touch" applications by the firms clients.

Mr. Spiva has been recognized as a thought leader for his ongoing contributions to further the practise of law.

He is a sought after speaker at legal conferences, and is one of the founding members of 12Unlimited -- a consortium of lawyers from across the country who are collaborating together to embrace new media and emerging technology for the benefit of their clients, and sharing their key findings and best practices with other members of the legal community.

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