Innovative Technology For client customer service and Results

The Spiva Lewis law Group is proud to announce that Howard Spiva was invited and spoke at the Master Mind 3 day Summit for lawyers held on February 22-24 in Myrtle Beach South Carolina.

His topic was "Innovative Technology For client customer service and Results".

The subject was high tech use of phone apps,
Google Nexus Tablets and Ipads by clients.

Howard Spiva was quoted today saying that his seriously injuried clients will be provided with every available modern tool.

Spiva wants to lead the way in how attorneys should operate in the 21st century.

His firm is embracing technology by rolling out a new program that will put a Google Nexus tablet in the hands of his clients.

“Often, when people are injured and have legal representation, the only communication tool they have is a phone to call their attorney and ask questions,”.

“To make that communication easier for our clients, we are now providing Google tablets that are pre-loaded with apps that will enhance our service and the results in their case".

By using innovative technology, we believe we are
raising the bar for all attorneys.

By providing such a high level of service to our clients that truly embraces what should be the legal community’s new standard for client service.”

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