Hiring the right attorney is one of the most important decision a person makes.

My name is Howard Spiva, I am the founder of the SPIVA LAW GROUP in Savannah Georgia.

I find that potential clients want to know what make my law firm different or better than other firms.

Here are 5 important things:

1) At the Spiva Law Group, our practice is limited to helping people and their family recover the harms and losses caused by serious injuries and death. That means I specialize in injury cases.

2) I have track record of success in injury and death cases with many years of experience, practicing law since 1984.

3) I am a speaker and author on injury law subjects. I am often asked to speak at trial lawyer conferences. I have published many articles and papers on injury law.

4) I limit the number of cases I accept each year so that I can dedicate the needed attention to every client that your case deserves.

5) If you hire me as your lawyer, you get me and my whole team on your case. Our attorneys, your assigned legal assistant, paralegal and on staff investigator all work as a team on your case from start to finish.

If you need to speak to an experienced lawyer about an injury or death case give me a call. I would be honored to speak with you.

Howard Spiva