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I have a favor to ask.

If you are familiar with me, our law office or legal services, would you consider commenting online?
www.AVVO.com is an on line lawyer rating service.

I am proud that we have over 60 endorsements from other attorneys. However we would appreciate more comments from friends, clients and non attorneys..

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Howard Spiva

This is what www.avvo.com says....

What is the Avvo Rating?

The Avvo Rating is an online service that rates attorneys. The effort to evaluate a lawyer's background, based on the information we know about the lawyer. The rating is calculated using a mathematical model that considers the information shown in a lawyer's profile, including a lawyer's years in practice, disciplinary history, professional achievements and industry recognition - all factors that, in our opinion, are relevant to assessing a lawyer's qualifications.

For some lawyers, the only information we have been able to collect is the publicly available information from state bar associations or other organizations that license lawyers. If that is all we have, then we display an Avvo Rating for the lawyer of either "Attention" or "No Concern." We display the "Attention" rating if there is information in the licensing records that, in our opinion, you should pay attention to, such as a disciplinary action against a lawyer without offsetting positive information. Otherwise, we display the "No Concern" rating.

We periodically collect background data from multiple sources, including state bar associations, court records, lawyer websites, and information that lawyers choose to provide to Avvo. Please keep in mind that we are not able to collect every piece of information about every lawyer's background. Information that we do not have could very well change the lawyer's Avvo Rating. So whether you see the numerical or the basic Avvo Rating, you should do further research regarding the lawyer to collect all relevant information regarding the lawyer's background.

Here's why the Avvo Rating can help you find the right lawyer:

It's unbiased. Because ratings are calculated using a mathematical model, all lawyers are rated by the same standards.

There's no favoritism. Here at Avvo, all lawyers are treated equally. They can't pay to change their ratings, and we don't play favorites to lawyers we know.

It's developed by legal experts for non-experts. The model used to calculate the Avvo Rating was developed with input from hundreds of attorneys, thousands of consumers, and legal experts.

It's easy to understand. With simple ratings from 1 to 10 or "Attention" and "No Concern," we hope to make clearer the murky process of understanding lawyers' backgrounds.

But keep in mind that the Avvo Rating is not intended to be the only thing you use in choosing a lawyer. It is only one tool and it is our effort to provide a snapshot evaluation of the lawyer's background, so that you can more effectively compare the available background information of different lawyers. Also keep in mind that the Avvo Rating is based only on the information we have collected about a lawyer, and our opinion is based on that information. That is one reason we also provide a forum for both clients and other lawyers to offer their own opinions about a lawyer. Although those opinions may not be perfect either, they at least give you different sources to get started.

And of course, Avvo's mathematical model has not met the lawyer in person. Because of this, our system can't measure subjective factors like personality and communication style. Also, because we don't believe there is yet an accurate way to score it, the Avvo Rating does not take into account a lawyer's performance on particular cases or matters.

In short, we are not saying that the Avvo Rating, or the information within a lawyer's profile, is all you need to know to choose the right lawyer. It is not. It is only one of several tools you should use to choose the right lawyer for you.