Elaine Spiva Watson ~ Its Okay

It’s Okay

January 25, 2012 was Elaine’s last day;
But I am here to assure you that it is okay.

Her body lay still but her spirit is as free as a bird;
Before you think that’s it, she still had the last word!

We were all there as she slipped away;
But then, we were handed her book which planned even today.

Her Obituary was written and plans all made;
Even a chapter on how things are to be paid.

To be sure we hadn’t forgotten how to read;
Her voice messages say “pay attention, listen and heed!”

Her message said “No Funeral & no U haul”, but that wasn’t enough;
She had to single me out and say “Howard it all just stuff!”

We all have instructions, including, to stay alive?;
Because even Logan’s birthdays are planned to 2025.

The only surprise for me is there is no karaoke or band;
Wife, mother, sister and at work she was my right hand.

It doesn’t matter if you are friends, family or kin;
We all remember when Elaine would sing “Men”.

For our clients and me she was a cheer leader;
As a friend and a sister you really couldn’t beat her.

She had a BS detector that was so strong;
She wouldn’t hesitate to point out and say, well “your wrong!”

Elaine was a fighter, yes tough and fierce;
But her heart was soft, and easy to pierce.

Get on her wrong side would be no fun;
Right about now St Peter is saying to God “What have you done?”

There are so many things that we will all miss;
I wrote this poem to say mainly “I love you Sis”.

When this poem is done, before we leave here today;
We would love your thoughts on what you want to say.

Elaine, Michelle, Brian, Bob and The family want you to talk;
Come up here or just stand up, it’s easy, no need to walk.

Tell us something about Elaine that is in your heart;
She touched all of us, feel free to share your part.

59 is way too young;
But she fought the battle till the last bell had rung.

The message you heard today was I’m not ready to go;
But don’t worry; I will share with you what I already know.

The lasts thing I will tell you today;
It’s exactly what Elaine has told me to say;
Please don’t worry, It’s OK.